Five Nights of Freddy AR

FNAF AR is a mobile AR game where you scavange and fend off rogue animatronics. 

Year: 2019
Role: UI Designer
Tech: Photoshop, Illustrator
Platforms: iOS/Android


I was hired contract to help define the look and style of FNAF AR. The goal was to take inspiration from all the previous games, with a focus on a workshop blueprint type style for the narrative of the game. 

We ended up with a clean blueprint modern UI style but with a little bit of grit and wear & tear in the minor details like the iconograpy.  

Lots of delightful iterations


Where I wanted FNAF AR to shine was in the unique iconography. I wanted the icons to feel like they were ALMOST clean modern icons but with a dark twist similar to the tone of the game. I went through many many differen’t styles and iterations on the icons and it was the most challenging and fun part of the project. 

The icon style we ended up with has a little bit of grunge and grime to it that makes it slightly off from the sleek modern style. 

And here are some of the fun rejects and iterations: 

I also went about taking all current game animatronic models and making clean vector icons for each of the characters in FNAF AR 


Lastly on the project I mocked up some web design visuals for their game webpage for mobile and desktop