Batman: The Telltale Series
Episodes: 1-5

Batman was a fantastic project to get my hands designing for UI gameplay. It was one of my first projects I worked on at Telltale and I was able create standards on various gameplay features that carried on from project to project.

Year: 2016
Role: UI designer
Tech: Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Telltale Tool
Platforms: PS4/XBOX One/PS3/XBOX 360/PC/iOS/Android/Mac

Bat Computer Animations:

Batman season 1 was the first time telltale had upgraded their engine and we wanted to pull out all the stops with the bat computer animating and idling in the background. It was a lot of fun animating all the small details on the batcomptuer.

Batman Bruce Choice:

Since Wolf Among Us, Telltale has had a “Campaign Choice”. This choice usually is dressed up to be different than a regular dialogue choice and it’s often trying to preview or show the possible track you could take with the choice. I took inspiration with the way our Menu transitioned from Bruce to Batman and wanted to use the same concept for the Batman/Bruce choice in the series. 

Batman Antidote Minigame:

Bruce gets poisoned in episode 4 and they wanted to create some kind of antidote minigame, we pitched from the beginning some kind of chemistry molecule interlocking game and it came out great for the quick turnaround.

Death Screen:

The idea for the comic book panel death screen came from a programmer who thought it’d be super cool to do. We didn’t quite have the tech in place but working together with the programmer we were able to switch cameras from the game scene to the death scene and apply filters on that camera that allowed for the black and white comic look. This would begin my death screen legacy at Telltale... where I would go on to design the death screen in every game going forward.