Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
Episodes: 1-5

Guardians of the Galaxy ran 5 episodes long and introduced new Telltale gameplay features including a vertical freewalk and a comlink system.

Year: 2017
Role: UI Lead/Designer
Tech: Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Telltale Tool, After Effects
Platforms: PS4/XBOX One/PC/iOS/Android/Mac

New Gameplay Features

Comlink System was a new feature added in Guardians of the Galaxy. It was designed for freewalk scenarios where you could call or receive calls from your teammates as you wander the universe. The UI was designed to be active but not too distracting on screen, with ringing being the most visual so that players knew when they were receiving a call.

The Comlink has 3 basic modes: idle, expanded, and selected. Designing the controls to be easy to use when walking around on controller, PC, and touch devices meant making the functionality very versatile. On PC for instance, you could use the number keys or click on the text button as you wandered around the environments.

Reticle and POI

Telltale’s reticle and POI (point of interest) are the bread and butter of the freewalk system and gameplay. In Guardians we focused on creating an entire reticle system that interlinked with each other; for instance if you moused-over a POI it would unlock to reveal the reticle. This included seamless animations from one state to another.

Lastly Guardians was the turning point for unified Touch branding in Telltale games. We designed a complete Touch language that included a very distinct green and interlocking ring visuals that get more complex with the type of button. That way, if you ever saw a green prompt, no matter how simple or complex, the user understood it was a tappable object.

Bar Bo’Lakks

Creating the flipbook screens on the Knowhere Bar was fun it was both supposed to be Bar Ads combined with flight information and some live news. 


Groot Claw Game was in episode 5 and it was a fun mini game to grab the key on the guard to escape the prison. Super simple but very fun to play out in the sequence

Rocket’s Escape Hacking Sequence in episode 2 was a quick easy timing game similar to some other hacking in video games, it was supposed to be quick and a tension obstacle as you wondered what happened to your friend.

Timed Jet Boots in episode 4 Peter’s boots get damaged and so you had to navigate the entire sequence with a timed jet boot sequence. We had to change the UI and add some SFX so it was clear to the user when the boots would work and when they would run out of charge.

Misc. Calligraphy

For Guardians, we took to Marvel Studios’ marketing style of hand-written mixed tapes and applied that aesthetic to our Game Achievements and episode titles. I hand-wrote, took photos of, and scanned them all in to fit into the game.