Minecraft Story Mode: Netflix
Episodes: 1-5

Year: 2018
Role: UI/UX Designer
Tech: Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Netflix
Platforms: Netflix

Adapating Minecraft Storymode for Netflix

Minecraft: Story Mode is an interactive 5 episode TV series made for Netflix by Telltale, adapted from the original game for Netflix platform. The new platform reshaped the original game into something enteirly new -- an interactive medium. 

My role on the project was to design and ideated a new UI look/feel and new UX for the show to work with Netflix’s platform. In doing so I created over +700 pixel perfect assets and changed the gameplay to something more condusive for a TV streaming service platform. The diverse viewer controls included gamepads, TV remotes, touch devices, and standard mouse/keyboard. 

New Dialogue Buttons, select states, timer, platform indicator, tutorial notification, choice indicator (frame around video) 

Original Minecraft Story Mode

New Freewalk UI and UX

Original Minecraft Story Mode

New Crafting UI and UX

Original Minecraft Story Mode